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A Love Story of Anisha and Rahul – Goa Surprise Proposal with Lokaso photoshoot!

“It’s been three years we’ve been together and it felt amazing to give a surprise marriage proposal to Anisha in Goa.” – Rahul

While Rahul belongs to the land of Rajasthan filled with historical stories, Anisha on the other hand grew up in Sikkim (Click here to know why Sikkim is called only brother amongst Seven Sisters i.e. North Eastern region)

Their Love Story has been this way… 

Rahul says, “We’ve been living together from the time we’ve been dating. One day I suddenly realised that she was pretty cool with my type of friends who belonged to different places and got along very well, not merely considering any sorts of regional barriers. That’s when I knew, if she could handle my friends, then she ought to be my chosen one.”

Anisha is extremely understanding, which is what Rahul hates yet loves the most. Rahul on the other side, has an open-minded heart and respects Anisha’s family and their traditions most importantly. The connection they felt was a powerful feeling of holding on to each other no matter what problems had to come up… 

When Anisha discussed about her reasons to marry Rahul, her parents just couldn’t resist remembering horrifying scenes from Crime Patrol😅. Since Rajasthan has been known for its conservative society, Anisha’s family did get a little hesitant. Afterall, no parent could afford to bring misery to their daughters’ lives. 

Rahul’s family however, were stressed about ‘Log Kya Kahenge’, although they loved to see the two as a happily married couple. People had to say their opinions, but bringing unconditional love in one’s life is just in your hand!😉

Surprise Proposal in Goa; Required a Professional photographer, and we found Lokaso!

“I was trying to find some good photographers with perfect ratings. So, when I called up the team, thankfully, everything that I had planned blended well with the team’s ideas.”

What were the reasons to get goosebumps in planning a Surprise proposal for his girl in Goa?

  1. Since I had to keep everything in secret, I had to plan of every move of mine😅. 
  2. I wondered if the security of the Airport would have figured out that I had a ring in my wallet.
  3. One fun fact that still makes us Laugh, “I was occupied with stressful questions like, what if the ring fell into the water, what if she realises a drone was shooting them and with this stress, I totally forgot to ask her, ‘will you marry me?’😂. 

Anisha’s experience on her Goa surprise proposal… 

“That day itself we had an argument saying ‘you’ve not proposed to me about marriage as yet, and we’ve just been hanging around’. So after some time, Rahul said let’s just go for dinner at the beach. When I reached there, I noticed a drone hovering over us, and I assumed it to be the presence of a celebrity. Soon after that, I saw Rahul on his knees, handing out a beautiful ring, with all of the public attention over us🙈, and honestly, I felt really embarrassed and quickly just said yes yes yes, and asked him to stand up quickly. I was embarrassed but pleasantly happy to receive such a beautiful surprise.”

Our experience with Lokaso was…

“Even after the photoshoot was complete, the team was like, “the lighting is perfect, forget about the slot and let’s just continue the shoot because the view is perfect to capture lovely moments”. So the team was very much passionate about their job. 

The way the team empathises with their clients is a blessed gift they have which has led them to success. The photographer, Rajat too, seemed as though I had known him for a very long time, although it had been hardly a few hours since we met. 

Our suggestion to all the people out there

Don’t stress yourself out if you are not in a good relationship or with a nice person. There will come a time where you’ll find your match and feel a spark that you really want to be with that person. Take your time, enjoy your life and time will bring you your destined partner… for those who believe in love!😉

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If you too wanna plan a surprise proposal in Goa for your soulmate, contact us to help you get sorted!

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