8 Konkani Phrases to ace your shopping at the local markets in Goa  

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when you are shopping in Goa, you’ll need to know the lingo. You could just stick with one shop or market, go in, pay and get out. But where’s the fun in that. The best price only goes to the most dedicated bargain wizard.

So don’t discount the language when it’s time to shop in Goa. No matter where you are and what’s your budget. These 8 Konkani phrases will sure as hell score you some killer deals.




How much?

Kitlem?  ::  कित्ले?

General response to any price quote

General response to any price quote


Probably the most basic on this list. A simple straightforward question. The shopkeeper will most likely respond with a price quote in english. 




Too Expensive !!!

Ekdom Mah Rog ! :: एक्दोम म्हारोग्  !



A usual follow up to the initial price quote. But remember, no subtle smiling. Sound like Serious Sam !



Give it to me for ______

Mhaka ___aak di  ::  म्हाका __आक दइ


You’ll be doing this in no time

You’ll be doing this in no time

If you are unsatisfied with the next quoted price then request your offer. But do be reasonable. Also a general rule of thumb is to not keep quoting lower prices if you are genuinely satisfied with the price.




I’ll take it

Hav hem gheta :: हअव हे घेता

Grab em by the trolly

Grab em by the trolly

Hopefully your bargaining went well and now you can bask in the glory of all the sweet cash you just saved. Thank us later 😛




I don’t want it

Mhaka Naka :: म्हाका नाका


Come back kind sir, for I have a better offer !

Come back kind sir, for I have a better offer !

So you’re not happy with the final price eh? ‘Mhaka naka’ is a very powerful phrase that you must use only as a last resort. Say it and start walking away. There’s a 73.42% chance that the shopkeeper will call you back with a better offer. And if not? Then well, just walk away.




Please give me a carry bag.

Pishvi Di Masshi :: पिश्वी दि मस्शी



Try to carry your own carry bag. In case if you don’t have one the above phrase will surely help you get one.  And if you receive a plastic bag, do reuse it. The planet’s polluted enough as it is.




Do you accept Debit card?

Debit card gheta? :: Debit card घेता?


Results may vary (a lot)

Results may vary (a lot)

Out of cash? No worries. Goa is said to be the first state to go cashless after demonetization. Now small shops at flea markets also accept cards these days. Some even accept EWallets such as PayTM. Don’t expect PayPal though.



Do you sell Cashew nuts?

Kajju asa? :: काजु आसा?


Image courtesy : Travel Tails from India

Image courtesy : Travel Tails from India

What would this list and your shopping be without cashew nuts. Salted, bland, processed, spiced up, fermented or raw. The sky’s the limit.


What did you buy on your shopping spree? Let us know down below. Be sure to check out the Lokaso app for more travel tips and tricks.

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Disclaimer- This article is purely intended for humor.  

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