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8 Beach Bag Essentials for a problem-free summer vacation in Goa

Summer has arrived in Goa. And so has the decades old craving of visiting everyone’s favourite tropical paradise full of beautiful beaches and more so beautiful people. Nothing beats letting go of work and enjoying a relaxing trip to Goa. It’s time to make the most of your trip and keep it as problem free as possible. So the next time you hit one of Goa’s beaches. You know exactly what to carry,


Here are 8 Beach Bag essentials for a problem-free summer vacation in Goa.


8. Over the counter drugs

Goa is pretty safe when it comes to any sort of diseases. However it’s best to keep some drugs handy. Even when you’re hitting the beach.Like Germolene for rashes.

ORS sachets are also a must, just in case you get dehydrated due to over exhaustion or diarrhea.


Carrying a hand sanitizer around is also a good idea. Above all be sure to make judicious use of Mosquito repellents in case you’re chilling on the beach at night.

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7. Extra clothing

For a day at the beach in Goa, you should bring a hat with a wide brim, a clean change of clothes, a bathing suit (unless you choose to wear it to the beach), and flip flops.


A great way to keep your extra clothes dry is to roll them up and pack them near the bottom of your bag with your towels. You may want to pack a comfortable sweatshirt or light jacket, too, as it can get really hot by noon.

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6. Phone Pouch

A phone pouch serves many purposes. You may hang the phone in your hands or around your neck like a neck chain. It will prevent your phone from getting lost, protect it from getting damaged in the water, will help you stay in touch and also capture some great pictures.

Be sure to get one that’s waterproof of course. A hard case one is also highly recommended.


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5. Drinking Water

Pack enough water. The average adult requires 8 full glasses of water each day as recommended by doctors everywhere  During the summer, highs in Goa can reach a scorching 35-40 degrees. So keep in mind, when you are laying out in the hot sun at Baga, your body needs even more water.

Be warned that Beer is no substitute for water, if anything it will make you even more thirsty.


4. Portable speaker

This is always fun, especially when you’re sunbathing with a group of friends. A great way to make the most out of your speaker is by creating a playlist at home with all your favourite jams. Then just hit the play button when you’re ready.

Opt out for a higher quality brand like BOSE or JBL as they reproduce superior sound quality and are also long lasting.


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3. UNO

Even a long day at a beach can get boring pretty fast if you have nothing to do. After all, you can only stare at the ocean for so long. Pack a box of UNO cards and chill out with your buds. After all, who doesn’t like uno?

They’re also pretty inexpensive so you don’t need to worry about losing any cards either.


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2. Moisturiser

Goa’s beach air during the summer can be very harsh. This can very easily remove the natural oils from your face and your before you know it, your skin gets dry. It is important to moisturise your skin on the beach, apart from applying a sunscreen. Apply a good moisturiser all over your face and neck. You can also apply it on to your hands and arms for the extra all round repair.


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1. Sunscreen

Seems like pretty much a no brainer. Yet a lot of people forget to carry sunscreen around when on a beach in Goa. This will protect your skin from much damage from the sun. Apply sunscreen before leaving for a beach and keep it handy on the beach as well. It is best if you apply it every 2 hours when at a beach, as the sweat and water may wipe it away.

There are also plenty of water resistant sunscreen options in the market. So keep a look out as they are worth the extra price.


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