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7 Games you can play at home during Corona lockdown

No amount of money or success can take the place of time spent with your family. While the World is fighting a battle against the Covid-19 virus, quietly staying at home makes you bored and may also increase stress level. Why don’t you play some interesting games that could bring back the togetherness in your family and also have some fun activity? We present to you the 7 most interesting games that you could play being at home. #stayhomeplaysafe

7. Charades or Antakshari?

Charades are for movie fans while Antakshari is for a music man. The choice is yours. While you laugh throughout, positivity is all around.  In charades, you have two teams wherein a member comes forward and describes a movie with his mouth shut. Talking about Antakshari, it is not as difficult as the pronunciation of the word seems to be.  Here, you are given a letter with which each team starts singing a song. The team that fails to do so won’t remain for long.

Photo Courtesy: @kriti.kharbanda

6. A talent show- Talents lay in all

“I have a lot of talents, but the problem is I can’t find them”, a common phrase that everyone quotes.  A family is an institution where you can always begin your first trial. So, let’s have some fun activities while you showcase your talents. You could have simple things like playing a guitar, singing a song, dancing salsa or juggling. And at the end, have a combination of all your talents, while the music plays, you sing, dance and juggle together. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

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5. Carrom- Strike your queen!

Carrom gives you a competitive spirit especially when you are teamed up. The basic objective of the game is to use your finger and shoot the carom men (coins) right into one of the four corners. The game gets tricky when you want the queen. You need to pocket another piece after your queen successfully went into the corner.

Photo Courtesy: thebridge.in

4. Blind man’s bluff

It’s a traditional old game that you could play with your entire family. Try making it a little more interesting.  While a member is blindfolded, the rest will take their position. As soon as he is ready, make some verbal expressions in order to keep the game going. To make it more interesting, ask the blind man to guess who the person is. Only if his guess is the right one, the member will be out. But please, don’t trip.

3. The Bluff Game- Cheat and win

Here comes the most awaited one. This is a card game having the objective to finish your cards, by hook or by crook. This can be done in three ways, cheat, cheat and cheat. Hence, it’s also called the ‘Cheat Game’. You can have your entire family involved in this game. If the members are too many, then you could add more than one pack of cards. Don’t have the conception of it to be “gambling”. Until and unless you bet things, it will remain a healthy game. Try not to be overexcited, instead be expressionless so that you are not caught.

Photo Courtesy: thechuggernauts.com

2. Hot Potato

“Jack’s alive and likely to live. If he dies in your hand, you have a forfeit to give.” This game was discovered in the late 1980s, where they used a candle to be passed on. Through adaptations they came up with a ‘hot potato’. Imagine having a hot potato and you keep passing the potato because it’s hot. When the music is paused, you’ve definitely lost. But accept a forfeit although you’ll get no profit. Try this game with your family and have fun all together.

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1. It’s story time

Photo Courtesy: pbs.org

If there’s a backyard, have a campfire. But if not, why don’t you have a candle night time together? This is a simple one. Make up a story about another family member or on their personality traits and narrate it when you all are together. If this sounds boring, I have another way. One person begins a story line and is then continued by the rest of the members. This could end up being very funny or maybe sometimes a little creepy.

How are you managing lockdown, let us know in comments, we will be happy to include your suggestions. Stay home Stay Safe !

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