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6 Exhilarating Road Trips In Goa For You

Image Courtesy: Golden Goa

Take an exciting Road Trip in Goa and let your soul find its escape! Road Trips are a nice and refreshing experience to give you that much needed break from the daily chores. It can also be a brilliant way to add a pinch of salt to your fly-drive holidays by exploring a landscape and enjoying the sights en route. 

In short, if you are a person who uses a lot of wanderlust in your hashtags then you definitely need to take these short road trips in Goa along with your travel buddies or your significant other for a romantic time 😛 

6) Road Trip to Ponta De Linhares, Goa

Journeying from the new capital to the old (i.e) Goa Velha or Old Goa is just so exciting. The beautiful Ribandar causeway that connects the two cities was built in 15th century and is still going strong. The amazing artistic edifices and the centuries old architectural creations that you pass by while driving alongside the serene waters of river mandovi is sure to get you dumbstruck. 

Distance: 12 kms

Route (Google Maps): Panjim to Old Goa via Causeway

Best Mode of Transport: Bike

Preferred Time: Early Morning, Evening or late night (Avoid wee hours as much as possible due to the traffic)

Courtesy: HappyFeet

Courtesy: HappyFeet

5) Road Trip to Parra, Goa

Ride through the exquisite lanes of Parra with lush Palm grove on its either sides and witness the true beauty of nature. These simple and narrow roads can give you the sense of being alive. One cannot help but pause for few mins to inhale the view of the fields that are famous for watermelon cultivation. One cannot leave the village without visiting the popular Church of St. Anne and the local lake named Ganesh Tollem. 

Distance: 8 kms

Route (Google Maps): Mapusa to Saligao via Parra

Best Mode of Transport: Bicycle or non-geared bike (the slower your ride, the better your experience)

Preferred Time: Strictly during the day (At night, it’s just another dark road)

Here’s a timelapse through this road by @Goa

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4) Road Trip to the Islands of Diwar & Chorao

In spite of being just a short distance away from Panjim, the beautiful islands of Chorao and Divar are rarely on the travel itinerary of the tourists. This roundabout trip will also let you enjoy the ferry boat rides. You can start your excursion from Panjim to Diwar Island by taking the ferry from Ribandar. After exploring the island and the compelling Portuguese influence that it gives away, yet another short ferry ride awaits. You will reach the Chorao Island after traversing through the roads of bicholim. Make sure you go for a birding expedition at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Chorao. 

Distance: 40 kms approx. for the whole trip (includes 3 ferry rides)

Route (In Google Maps): Panjim to Divar; Divar to Chorao; Chorao to Panjim

Best Mode of Transport: Bike

Preferred Time: Take a whole day off your schedule for this trip as you may need ample time to explore the islands (Check on the timings of ferry before you leave)

Ferry Boat ride to Chorao Courtesy: The Navhind Times

Ferry Boat ride to Chorao ;  Courtesy: The Navhind Times

Cycling at Diwar Courtesy: Offtrail Adventures

Cycling at Diwar ;  Courtesy: Offtrail Adventures

3) Road Trip to Cabo De Rama

Located in the Southern tip of Goa, Cabo De Rama is an ancient fort reminiscent of traditions and royalty that built by the Portuguese. It is a great place for those looking to go on a bike ride with friends while finding hidden trails through the forest. Once you reach the destination, get engulfed by the spectacular view of the evergreen coconut trees standing tall against the backdrop of the charming blue-green waters. 

Distance: 63 kms

Route (In Google Maps): Panjim to Cabo De Rama through NH66

Best Mode of Transport: Bike or Car

Preferred Time: Anytime from Sunrise to Sunset (These roads can be dangerous to ride when dark)

Best Season: Non-monsoon period (October-May) as the rocks and steep roads get slippery during rains

Courtesy: Vedantabharata

Courtesy: Vedantabharata

2) Road Trip to Netravali Falls

After riding or driving through innumerable breathtaking locales and a long stony trail, you will find serenity in the embrace of rubber plantations, sugarcane fields, and finally, the deep forest covers around Netravali in Southeast Goa. The sacred Budbudyanchi Tali or the Bubble Lake at Gopinath Temple is a must-see. For those who wish to go beyond the actual borders of Goa, a trek to the Mainapi Waterfall will be a memory that you will cherish forever. A visit to Netravali is best when the vegetation is at its best just after the monsoons. 

Distance: 80 kms

Route (Google Maps): Panjim to Netravali,Vichundrem-Goa

Best Mode of  Transport: Car or Bike

Best Season: September – November (towards the end of monsoons)

Courtesy: GoldenGoa

Courtesy: GoldenGoa

Courtesy: GoRoadTrip

Courtesy: GoRoadTrip

1) Road Trip to the Chorla Ghats

The two-lane roads of the Panjim-Belgaum highway is a haven for people seeking for good roads for a smoother drive. These hill-cut roads that wade through the dense forests of western ghats give away a sense of peace and at the same time give a great rush to your adrenaline. Those who own a convertible or sunroof car, it’s time to take your baby (Pun Intended  😉 ) for a long drive along the scenic roads of chorla. 

Distance: 60 kms

Route (In Google Maps): Panjim to Chorla Ghats via Belgaum Highway

Best Mode of Transport: Car or Bike

Best Season: September – November (towards the end of monsoons)

Courtesy: Amogha Varsha

Courtesy: Amogha Varsha

Have you explored any of these? If yes then let us know your experience in the comments below. If no, tell us which one would like to try out first.

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