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3 Travellers Share Their Wildest Goan Experience

Goa has never been a place for the faint hearted. A state of endless beaches, narrow winding roads, jagged cliffs, sinful parties, and unbelievable people, Goa has amazed nearly all those who have visited the versatile state.

But there are some stories that are more thrilling, scarier and unthinkable than others. We present to you, the wildest experiences in Goa, courtesy some compelling reads on Quora.

1. The Goan Ghost Returns



– By Anish Venkateshwaran

via – https://www.quora.com/What-has-been-your-wildest-experience-in-Goa/answer/Anish-Venkateswaran.

Back in August 2004, a friend and I decided to drive down to Goa for a short vacation, as I was to take up a new job in a new city soon. Being the month of August, Goa was deserted with hardly any tourists. In a way, it was good since we didn’t encounter any crowds and most places were very welcoming.

On the evening of the second day, we decided to head towards Baga beach, since we had heard there’s a new pub coming up or was under renovation (Tito’s). Our hotel on the other hand was in Miramar beach!

As we entered the road between Baga and Calangute, we noticed a lady walking by the side of the road, wearing a short, pink dress. On nearing her, we were surprised to see her as the road was completely empty except for the three of us. We slowed the car and asked her where she was going and if she wanted a lift. We were 99% sure she’d say Tito’s since that was the only “big” club there at that time.

Initially hesitant, she agreed to let us drop her at Tito’s. When she got into the car, we noticed she’s of East Asian origin, probably from China/Japan/Korea. She said her name was Kim and was on a holiday in India. She was to take a train to Mumbai two days later.

We reached Baga beach and parked the car. Before we were done parking, this lady got off the car and disappeared. On getting out, we saw Tito’s was closed and the only other place to go was into the beach. Since it was dark, there were a group of men sitting there by a bonfire. We casually inquired if they saw a girl who matched the description given by us. They said No, my friend and I were the only people they had seen in hours at Baga!

We forgot about the incident and ended up drinking a few beers at some other place. At about 11.30 pm, we decided to drive back to our hotel at Miramar. On our way back, the road tends to go thru a ghat section. There were no vehicles on the road, just our car with us in it, no music playing and no conversation happening.

Suddenly, as if we heard a noise from the back of the car, my friend and I instinctively turned behind. We were then looking at each other in surprise. I asked him what happened and he said “I felt Kim was still sitting there!” and boy, a chill ran down my spine. I had felt the exact same thing.

We narrated the incident to our hotel staff and they said we were lucky. Apparently, a lot of spirits/ghosts/souls of dead people roam around usually busy places when they are empty, looking for victims.

This has by far been my wildest experience in Goa.

2. Casino and Drinks Take an Unexpected Yet Brilliant Turn


– Anonymous

via – https://www.quora.com/What-has-been-your-wildest-experience-in-Goa/answers/25193050

It was December 2014 and my 3rd evening in Goa, we were 5 friends having wonderful time of eating, drinking, smoking, swimming etc..,

Though all of us are middle class fellas, we dared to spend BIG money to experience the Casino. Asked our driver about the BEST Casino ships in the city; chose the below one,

Deltin Jaqk (Panjim) -Top Tips Before You Go – TripAdvisor

The tariff was,

Rs. 2500/- Unlimited Food, Unlimited domestic Drinks, Rs.2000 worth of playing Coins

Rs. 3500/- Unlimited Food, Unlimited foreign Drinks, Rs.5000 worth of playing Coins

One would wonder like, “Rs.3,500 choice is superb, but can I really afford that?”..

We were standing outside and thinking for 20 mins. I should thank my dear friend who said “Let the 2 of us go for 3500, and let others go for 2500 because they drink less and domestic drinks are fine for them”

So we paid Rs.14,500 totally,and took Rs.16,000 worth of playing coins inside the super awesome ship.

Our main target was the scotch. First round was mixed with Guava juice. Hated it. Then it started with pineapple juice; Went inside like elixir. They don’t mind how much they pour. They just pour. For each round, I am pretty sure they are pouring more than 90ml of Chivas Regal.

It went around 10 rounds already for me. My dear friend who continued the drink with Guava slightly hated it, only until I changed him also to pine apple. Did not give even a little attention to the royal buffet spread over there. Cause we eat dishes tastier than that even in our homes. But such great drinks happen only in a few such golden moments.

Here comes the great story.

At around 12Am, the buffet place was closed and we were asked to move to playing area. Though we had 16000 Rs worth of coins, we had no such big plans to play and win. To say frankly, we don’t know any game over there on how to play them. But we stayed back, because they said until we play we can continue drinking.

We found a game called 21. My friend knew a very little of it and we took little demo from the people over there. I sat on the hot seat. My friend took the control of saying the commands. My lucky number is 3. So I kept keeping the coins in No.3. Meanwhile I also kept drinking the scotch.

To all of our surprise, we started winning. We kept winning and earned around 9,750 Rs worth of coins. Giving it to the cash counter, they gave us the full money. OMG.. Who would even of dream of such lucky thing happens, even after you think you enjoyed how much could or may be more than that for the money you paid.

Once we got that money in hand, you don’t believe we were almost running out of the ship thinking someone will stop us and take the money away from us.

We paid Rs.14,500. We returned back with Rs.9,750. In between we had an awesome memory for our entire life.

3. A Beach a Day Does NOT Keep the Naughty at Bay!


– By Srinivasan Subramanian

via – https://www.quora.com/What-has-been-your-wildest-experience-in-Goa/answer/Srinivasan-Subramanian-8

It was the International year of the child, so Dad’s office decided to treat all the employee’s children with a 2-day trip to Goa. When my brother and I (14 and 12 years old) boarded the bus, we found that we were the only kids not accompanied by parents. One couple didn’t even have kids!

We got pushed and shoved, beta, can you move to that seat, my child can’t stand the sunlight from the window. Beta, can you get my bag, red colour, from up there? The night we arrived, we found that there weren’t enough rooms booked for all of us. Everyone scrambled, got whatever they could, and shut the door on us when they did. The two of us were left in the lurch. We slept in the bus, on the seats in the last row.

We would have our revenge, soon.

The next day, the bus driver (obviously not a local, as the following incidents will amply demonstrate), took us to the famed beaches of Goa. The third beach he took us to, it turned out, was famous for promoting freedom of attire. Or the lack, thereof.

My brother and I suspected something amiss as we entered the premises—we saw a mini-van painted with the silhouette of a mermaid lying beside a man with a huge erection. As I blinked to check if my eyes were deceiving me, my brother grabbed my hand and whispered, “Look, look.” I turned to see a woman, topless, walking with a man. Their arms were entwined and they were gazing deeply into each others’ eyes. I don’t remember what the man was wearing (or not), as my attention was completely grabbed by the woman’s beauty.

That was just the beginning.

“Nice beach,” I said. “Let’s explore some more.” And we did. The surfeit of skin, surrounded by the sun, sand and the sea was breathtaking. The denizens mostly ignored our gaping stares. I think they were used to it, or maybe they didn’t mind kids. Eventually, feeling out of place because we were clothed, we decided to get back.

When we entered the bus, we were greeted with a sudden barrage. “What took you so long?” “What were you doing in that disgusting place?” The scandalized bunch did not explore the beach as we had done, it appeared. They’d been fretting, waiting for us!

“Nothing. We were building sand castles. What else do you do in a beach?” my brother retorted. I giggled and ran to the last row.

That night, we didn’t have to sleep in the bus. They let us have a room to ourselves.

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