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3-Day Goa Fest to Celebrate ‘Pao’

Most of us might have heard of Pao only when Mumbaikars openly testify to the legend that is Vada Pav. But while the city that never sleeps gorges on the stuffed Pao delight, there flourishes another place, where the humble Pao marks the day’s start, and has come to mark its people’s very character.

Goa’s Pao Connection

Goa, the birthplace of Pao in India, has fused the Portuguese bread into its fabric. Gulped down with Chicken Cafreal or Pork Vindaloo, or savoured in the form of Goan Tonak (Goan Pav Bhaji), this simple bread boasts of a presence in every Goan household. Recognizing this quintessential part of Goa’s culinary experience, the Poderachem Fest (Bakers’ Feast) will be celebrated at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Soccoro Village, Goa from October 1st to October 3rd.


About Poderachem Fest (Bakers’ Feast)

The three day festival will attract bakers from all the four corners of the state, as traditional bakers, fondly called as  the Poder, will whip up an array of delicacies to be had with Pao. This bakers’ annual get-together will be celebrated for the second time now, after a hugely successful event last year. Omelette Pao and Cutlet Pao are a few of the local dishes which will be served to the public. The festival will also include a parade and an exhibition, among other attractions for all age groups.

Pitfalls along the way

Amidst the merry-making and delicious food, Poderachem Fest also salutes the momentous contribution of Goa’s traditional bakers. Once vital cogs in the bread baking business, these bakers now face stiff competition from posh bakeries springing up all across the state. Supporting the family business, kept alive from the previous generations now proves to be a tough task as rising prices, space, and dwindling demand all plague these bakers. As Goa copes with a surging increase in the number of tourists every year, there are fewer number of takers for Goa’s traditional bread.

Nevertheless, at Poderachem, the love for Pao, and their makers is celebrated with enthusiasm and fanfare, relishing Goan delicacies which will remain a signature favourite with the locals.

Featured Image represent the famous local snack in Goa, the ‘Ross Omelet Pao’ clicked by Food of Goa

Venue: Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Soccoro Village, Goa
Dates: October 1st to October 3rd 2016



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