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12 things that a Husband should do during lockdown🤫

Due to boredom, Covid-19 lockdown is getting on our nerves. So, why not try to be a sweet husband? I’m sure after you read this blog, new ideas will help you show that you do not  ignore her and in fact want to help her out in the daily chores, even if you aren’t really doing great things.

12. Chop it down

Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but to a woman’s heart is through her kitchen. For beginners, cooking pasta is difficult, but a cup of tea may bring sweet words to her mouth. You could also assist her to make the salad, but please don’t cut your finger.

11. Paint your heart out

For those who would love to try this, why don’t you paint a portrait of your wife? Seems difficult? Then paint a memorable moment for instance, your first date. It’s completely fine if the people in it seem to be monsters. If you don’t have a canvas board, use a chart paper instead of painting the walls.

10. Quality time in garden

The earth is healing on its own, so try to help it heal a little more. Begin watering your wife’s garden. Together, you could grow a tomato plant as well. Soon it will bear fruits to give you delicious tomato soup.

9. Learn a new language together

In fact, all of us at some point of time think of learning a language. Online language learning apps are super easy to use and it’s all about how much you practice together, apps like duolingo.com will help you learn so many languages, we would personally recommend to learn Spanish if you aren’t sure since it is The most spoken language in South America & Half of the Europe. Dreaming of Spanish holiday already 😉

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8. Try Couple Yoga

If you do not work out, you may feel that you are approaching the beginning of the second trimester. Consider doing Couple Yoga along with your partner in order to stay fit and calm. It’s always fun to work out as a couple. If you aren’t a workout person, this tip will motivate you and best of all, would surely bring depths to your relation.

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7. In-laws’ effect

When was the last time you called your in-laws without an occasion? Exactly! This is the right time to make peace, at least make it look like one. To make it even better, ask your wife the whereabouts of old Uncle whom you had last seen at your wedding. Be ready for exciting stories 😉

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6. Ever tried doing your daughter’s hair

Why don’t you learn to comb your daughter’s hair? Since you will impress your wife, you may get your favourite dish for dinner. Later her expectations may increase, but don’t worry, hopefully you will have an excuse of going to work by then.

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5. Redesign your home

As humans we tend to get bored looking at the same setting of the house. So, rearrange the furniture in your home and give a different look to your walls by adding some paintings and photo frames.

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4. How about online board games?

Play board games like ludo, carrom and scrabble on your phone along with your family. If you decide to play more than one game, don’t try to win it all the time. Let your wife also win at times, otherwise she may crack your phone.

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3. Clean.. all the way

When I called a friend to ask his whereabouts, he didn’t receive my call for twenty good minutes. Later came a reply- “I’ve not been spared from washing utensils…never knew my home had so many of them!” Maybe in this time, you can learn to master the home making skills.

2. Tap your feet together

Dance is a body language that can benefit your marriage. Pull her close and tap your feet together. Youtube videos will help you learn salsa, gharbha, hip-hop and lavni as well.

1. Teach her to defend

What’s better than teaching your family to defend them? Learn some defence techniques online and help your partner/kids learn a new skill. From now on, you won’t have to worry about their safety.

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The ‘Ultimate’ Tip

‘Patience is a Virtue’, Since you have reached this far, let us give you the ultimate tip that will bypass rest of the points above 😎

If you want to avoid the above 12 tips, then pay extra attention here for this maybe a Game changer🤫. Begin the conversation with your partner asking casually about any birthdays/anniversary in coming week or two. She would surely find more than one. Treat yourself, because you are almost sorted. Ask her to share digital photos or videos of those people and create a nice video & give them your video wishes. As far as the lockdown is concerned, this would be the best gift so far.

If you have any trouble doing so, reach out to us, at Lokaso, we can make the best video wishes for your loved ones. If the video is really connecting, you will become a star of your family as everyone’s gonna watch and share it.

.. and your welcome 🙂

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